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Scotland Team Memorabilia Rugby Ball

Scotland Our Memorabilia rugby balls are perfect for display purposes and/or for training to stay at your best! Outer cover of rubber, cotton, and polyester latex bladder. Size 5, four panel ball with team logo. Balls are shipped deflated. Training Balls are made to last longer as they are used more than match balls. They also have a hydratec barrier in their construction, which helps to repel water and dirt which helps to maintain the quality and shape of the balls. BALLS ARE SHIPPED DEFLATED. The first international rugby match was played in 1871 between Scotland and England when the captains of five Scottish clubs challenged English clubs to a representative national match. Scotland won by one goal and one try to England’s one try. Like England, the basis of Scotland’s jersey has not changed since 1871 a navy blue jersey with a thistle as the emblem. The colours were chosen by the committee of six who organised the match at Raeburn Place in Edinburgh, still the home of the Edinburgh Academicals. The thistle has been Scotland’s emblem since 1263 when a group of invading Vikings sought to surprise the Scottish army at night while they were asleep in the fields. The Vikings eschewed protective gear and their plan was foiled when a leading Viking placed a bare foot on a thistle and cried out in pain. This woke the Ascots who drove the Vikings to their longboats, thus ending the threat of Viking invasion.